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Just Arrvied this April and Freshly picked early April 2016!!

The name Biluochun literally means "Green Snail Spring". It is called so because it is a green tea that is rolled into a tight spiral, resembling snail meat, and is cropped early spring. Its original name is Xia Sha Ren Xiang ( "scary fragrance"). Legend tells of its discovery by a tea picker who ran out of space in her basket and put the tea between her breasts instead. The tea, warmed by her body heat, emitted a strong aroma that surprised the girl. According to the Qing Dynasty chronicle Ye Shi Da Guan, Emperor Kangxi visited Tai Hu in the 38th year of his rule. At that time, because of its rich aroma, local people called it "Scary Fragrance". Kangxi decided to give it a more elegant name - "Green Snail Spring". Chinese tea experts regard it very highly. Zhen Jun (1857 to 1918 A.D.), author of tea encyclopedia Cha Shuo, ranked it first among Chinese green tea. Longjing tea came second, Liu An Gua Pian came third. It is so delicate and tender that one kilogram of Dong Ting Bi Luo Chun has 14,000 to 15,000 tea shoots. Today, Biluochun is cultivated in Dong Ting, Jiangsu Province. 

Brew Instruction: Glass Teapot or Gaiwan; 70-80 degree water300ml +5 gram leave, steeping 1-2m. The same leave can be brewed up to 4-6 times.

Taste Note: Made only from tea leaf tips in an involved process that results in it having a tight rolled up shape, Bi Luo Chun is renowned for its strong fruity aroma and mellow flavour.  

Health Benefits:

Being a non-fermented green tea, Bi Luo Chun has high levels of antioxidants and other natural chemicals that give green teas their ability to reduce the incidence of cancer, promote good skin tone and help reduce the affects of aging. Also high in vitamin C, fluoride and calcium, they also promote healthy teeth and bones.

Origin: Dong Ting, Jangsu Province

Harvest Time: April 2016

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2016 Dong Ting Pi Lo Chun Tea - Chinese Green Tea洞庭碧螺春

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