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One of China's most famous green teas, Dragonwell (Lung Ching or Longjing in local parlance) comes from Hangzhou in Zhejiang province. This tea has a very distinctive shape: smooth and perfectly flattened along the inside vein of the leaf, the result of highly skilled shaping in a hot wok. This process, known as pan-firing or pan-frying, was perfected in China by tea masters over many centuries. It gives the tea an inviting, toasty aroma. Our Dragonwell also has a sweet, rounded flavor, perhaps reminiscent of freshly roasted white corn. Full, nutty and buttery texture and pleasantly dry finish. A truly satisfying cup of tea.


This Longing was picked in early April, 2017. It is fresh and very good quality. 

Brewing Instruction:

Glass tea pot or Gaiwan ;70- 80 degree water 300ml + 5gm tea leave and brewing 2-5m each time and the same leave can be brewed up to 4 times. Like any green tea, it can be brewed with glass or porcelain tea pot. 

Health Benefits:

High Antioxidants



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