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 Our Balsam Pear Tea is made from strictly selected high quality dry slices of fresh bitter melon. The Balsam Pear Tea has light bitter and sweet taste which is the extraction from a specialized and accurat tea process and the soup is elegant light gold colour.

Our Balsam Pear Tea is 100% pure and natural components without any pesticides, preserves, color pigment, or artificial spices, and  its caffeine Free!

As a traditional Asian remedy, Balsam Pear Tea is consumed to help detoxify and cool the body, and has been known to potentially reduce cholesterol and blood pressure levels. Especially,  For diabetics, it has been demonstrated to have blood glucose lowering qualities according to studies published. Balsam Pear is also the natural remedy for diabetes that is most widely used in the Philippines, where the government promotes it solely for the disease. 

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Balsam Pear Tea/Bitter Melon Tea 苦瓜茶

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