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This type of tea we only sell it by package as it's sealed pack for every 5gm bag to keep it fresh and intact. It's $150/50gm ( 10 packs in each box, each pack can make up to 10 infusions)

 This is very reare and precious quality and exclusively for people who really love Da Hong Pao, this amazing type of tea!

The making of this tea is an arduous series of withering, cooling, rolling, firing, re-rolling, re-firing and charcoal finishing.

The result is a complex tea. While the smoky, woody aromas linger constantly in the backdrop, there is a piercing freshness of riverstone and spring water that cuts through the middle. Locals believe its ancestry of being grown on a rocky cliff face gives the tea a mineral-like characteristic that can’t be duplicated outside of the Wuyi Mountains.

Origin: Xiaowang Tea Farms, Wuyi Mountains, Fujian, China

Dry leaves: long, twisted, dark mahogany

Liquor: orange colour, smoky, woody, stone fruit, dark chocolate, spring water

Process: semi-oxidised

Harvest: April 2016


Yixing Clay tea pot or Porcelain Gaiwan (about 300ml) is an ideal for this type of tea:

Rinse teapot with boiled water first and then add in 2-5 gram tea leave, rinse the first infusion within seconds and then refill water and steeping tea leave for for 30 seconds up to 1m; The same leave can be brewed up to 6 times and each steeping time can be extended to extra 30seconds compared to the previuos brew.

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Big Red Robe/ Da Hong Pao -Exclusive顶级大红袍

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