Blooming Jasmine Tea Ball- Blossom Under the Moon(花好月圆)

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10 Blooming Flower Tea Balls Gift Pack (each blooming tea ball has been individual vacuum packed, it can keep fresh for 2 years)

These blooming tea balls are handmade from high quality silver needle white tea (picked around April 2016) and natural dehydrated flowers jasmine and lily flower (both these flowers are picked around May 2016). Its a small bundle of dried Silver Needle tea and flowers bound together with cotton thread into a ball. When the blooming tea is steeped, the bundle expands and unfurls in a process that emulates a blooming flower. This blooming tea ball presents an elegant and implicit style, thats why it was named the East Beauty.

Health Benefits:
High antioxidants from the white tea leave which can prevent heart disease and prevent cancer; Crysanthemum is good to protect eye aging and Jasmine is to help relax.
Brewing Instructions:

Teaware: glass cup, glass pot or glass tea maker. The glass cup or pot would be best about 10cm height and 8cm diameter to let a blooming tea unfurl. We have hand made Glass tea pot just for it.
Steps: place one blooming tea ball in a glassware, add 90°C fresh filtered water, steep 3-5 Minutes & watch the blooming tea unravelling from a tiny ball into a beautiful flower-like bloom, steep for 3 minutes, and then the blooming tea is ready to drink. Re-steep the blooming tea 2-3 times, depending on how long you steeped at the first time. Remember to leave a little bit of tea at the bottom of your glass before adding more water. 
Infusion: The flavor lasts over three or more infusions. 

Storage: Best keep in a cool & dry place and no direct sunlight

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