Golden Tip Yun Nan Dian Hong云南滇红

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Other Name: Yunan Hong Gong Fu Tea

Region: Yunan Province

Harvest Season: April 2016

Cultivar:Yunan Da ye

The Leaves of this tea bear an abundance of beautiful golden buds. The gentle twisted shapes of the tea leaves release suave aromas of blond tobacco, caramel and scorched earth. The red-orange liquid of this tea has a marmalade nose. The mouthfeel is round and slightly sweet. This tea has aromas of tobacco, exotic wood and ripe apricot spread their fullness through the mouth. The long, rich finish of this tea is remarkably comforting.

Brewing Instruction:

85-90 degree water 300ml +5gm tea leave; Rinse the first infusion within seconds and then refill water and brew tea leave for 2-3m. The same leave can be reinfused up to 10 times within a day. Each time the steeping time should be extended to extra 1m than the previous infusion.


Health Benefits:

Dian Hong red tea contains rich vitamins, minerals and nutrients. There are also antioxidants, proteins, amino acids and carbohydrates. 


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