Jasmine Pearl / Buddha's Tear -Premium 茉莉龙珠

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Jasmine Pearl is also called Buddha's Tear This Jasmine Pearl was picked at April 2017. It was made from fresh picked green tea leave scented with fresh picked jasmine flower and then it was hand rolled into little pearls. This is premium Jasmine pearl because the green tea leave used to make this tea was fresh plucked leave bud at the beginning of this Spring, and it has been slightly oxidised therefore, it contains high antioxidants as well as pleasant and fresh jasmine aroma.

Brewing Instruction:

Glass teapot or Gaiwan; 70-80 degree water 300ml for 2-5gm tea leave. Brewing the first infusion 1-2min and then next each infusion extend to extra 30 seconds; The same amount of tea leave can be brewed up to 6 times within 24hours.

Health Benefits: Jasmine aroma help Relax nerve system with high antioxidants from white tea leave

Harvest time: April 2017

Origin: Fuding, Fujian

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