Jasmine Silver Needle/MoLi Yinzhen White Tea (Premium) 茉莉精针王

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A delicious Jasmine-suffused variant of White Tea, the best Jasmine Silver Needle is made with top quality Da Bai (Big White) leaves and buds suffused with fresh Jasmine petals. Generally considered to be the highest quality White Tea, Yin Zhen is so-called because of the silvery white hairs that cover the young buds. These hairs or silver needles are called Tricomes. They are produced by the tea plant to help stop the young bud from drying out and possibly also to protect it from insects. 


Fuding, Northern Fujian

Picked at April 2017


The highest quality Silver Needle buds are picked between March 15th and April 10th during dry weather. Silver Needle (Yin Zhen) is made from the first flush of the Da Bai (Big White) varietal. Hand-picked buds are allowed to wither slowly on broad bamboo trays, either in the sun or indoors. Some producers then fire the tea lightly to give it a richer flavour. The long, slow drying process is designed to maintain a light silvery colour of the buds. The tea is then suffused with fresh Jasmine flowers, which are picked at night when they are open. The silver needles are either overlaid with the petals or stored on alternate trays in a special temperature controlled room. The suffusion process is repeated five or six times with fresh Jasmine petals to create an intense floral aroma.


Glass teapot or Gaiwan; 70-80 degree water of 300ml for 2-5gm tea leave. Brewing for 2-5min or until water change colour to light yellow and aroma come out. The same amount of leave can brew up tp 6-8 times. Each brewing time is 2-5min and never soak leave in water too long especially when you dont drink it.

Health Benefits:

High Antioxidants and gentle on stomack with low caffein and help to relax


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