Jin Jun Mei Red Tea/ Golden Eyebrow 金骏眉

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A naturally sweet and fruity red tea.


Jin Jun Mei is a fully oxidised red/black tea from the Wuyi Mountain, Fujian Province China. This tea is fairly new tea and its created around 90s, but it has since become very popular and was hugely sought after by tea lovers. Due to its limited production, the price of high quality of Jin Jun Mei has always been dear comparatively. 

Jin Jun Mei is made using two small fresh shoots from each stem of the tea plant. Not like other type of tea, e.g. oolong tea, large and full leaves are appreciated,  smaller and thinner tea leaves are used to make the premium Jin Jun Mei.

Slender and with a slight twist, this medium-sized, bud-only pluck is perfect for yielding a delicious red/black tea. The careful withering, hand-rolling, and firing of this leaf brings out the wonderful flavors that the terroir of Mount Wuyi.  Being a bud-only pluck (similar to several premium white and green teas, it requires 50,000 buds to manufacture 500 grams. An experienced tea plucker can harvest about 2,000 buds a day, so to make about a pound of this tea requires the full day’s work of 20 pluckers. This is one reason why bud-only teas must be more expensive than other teas.

Brewing Instruction:

Clay teapot or Porcelain Gaiwan are ideal for this type tea. First Rinse teapot with boiled water and then Rinse the first infusion (2-5gm tea leave for 250-300ml water) within seconds with 90 degree water (Boiled water then cool down a few min); The steeping time is 1-2m and as the same leave can be brewed up to 6 times, each steeping time should be extended to extra 1-2m everytime. 

The overall aroma has 'forest' themes. It's woody, and yet carries a strong natural sweetness as well - plums, red dates and hazel. The liquor will be slightly syrupy, with a deep auburn colour.

Harvest time: April 2017

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