Mao Jian Tea - Chinese Green Tea毛尖

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 Maojian tea (simplified Chinese: 毛尖) is a green tea produced in Xinyang, Henan. It is designated as a China Famous Tea.

Our Mao Jian Green Tea was picked early April 2017, from Xin Yang, a place with a mild climate and good conditions for growing trees that produce the tea's unique quality. Our Mao jian tea was picked from  

 "Mao Jian" are the words to depict the shape of the leaves. Throughout two thousand years of history, Xinyang Maojian has been considered one of the ten top teas in China.  Our Xinyang tea trees are planted at high altitudes where the weather is clearly divided by four distinct seasons. Many high mountains, such as Mt. Cheyun, Mt. Jiyun, and Mt. Tianyun, also surround the location in order to support environmental humidification and moisture. Moreover, there is an abundance of forests, clouds, rainfall, and a large temperature difference between day and night. These geographical advantages help keep Xin Yang's soil healthy and fertile, while trees more efficiently absorb chemical elements to produce higher quality green tea.  

 Health Benefits:

High Antioxidants


Glass Teapot or Gaiwan; 70-80 degree water 300ml with 2-5gm tea leave. Steeping tea leave for 2-5min. The same amount tea leave can be brewed up to 4 infusions.


Tasting Notes:

Mao Jian is a perfect example of delicate Chinese spring greens. The refreshing vegetal aroma gives way to hints of asparagus and bamboo.

After brewing Mao Jiang and pouring the water into a teacup, the aroma will flow into the air and create a peaceful atmosphere.

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