No. 10 Organic Sleeping Beauty

No. 10 Organic Sleeping Beauty
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No. 10 Organic Sleeping Beauty


100%Australian Grown Organic Valerian & Passionflower, Organic Rosemary, Hops and Organic Licorice

Health Benefits: Calm nerve and help sleep

Tasting note:  Light bitter, astringent with hint of sweetness is the first impression of this tea and after a few cups, you would feel relaxed and ready for a sound goodnight sleep.

Origin: Australia

Key Ingredients Introduction:

Valerian is used as a nerve sedative and anti-spasmodic as well as a remedy for hysteria and other nervous complaints. Used since ancient times, Valerian has long been valued around the world. Valerian root comes from the perennial flowering Valerian plant, a hardy plant with sweet smelling pink or white flowers that blooms in summer. The root, once processed and dehydrated, is used as a medicinal herb with sedative, anxiolytic, and anti -insomnia effects in both tea and capsule form. Valerian has been used in this capacity since at least the Greek and Romantimes and today is used not only because of these effects, but also as an anticonvulsant, migraine treatment, and painreliever. It is native to Europe and some parts of Asia but is now cultivated in North Americ a as well.

Passionflower is a gentle sedative and tranquilizer. It relaxes twitching and muscle tension without impacting respiratory rate or psychological function the way  many pharmaceutical sedatives do, making it a powerful herbal treatment. It’s balancing healing powers come from the plant’s alkaloids and bioflavonoids, unique compounds that interact positively with the body’s own methods to maintain mental and physical wellness and equilibrium.

Hops are used in herbal medicine in a way similar to valerian, as a treatment for anxiety, restlessness, and insomnia.A pillow filled with hops is a popular folk remedy for sleeplessness, and animal research has shown a sedative effect.

Rosemary is a fragrant evergreen herb native to the Mediterranean. Itis used as a culinary condiment, to make bodily perfumes, and for its potential health benefits: 1.Rich source of antioxidants and anti-inflammatory compounds which play an important role in neutralizing harmful particles called free radicals; 2.Improving digestion; 3.Enhancing memory and concentration; 4.Neurological protection - Rosemary contains carnosic acid, that is able to fight off free radical damage in the brain; 5.Prevent brain aging.

 Licorice root has a well-documented reputation for healing ulcers. It can lower stomach acid levels, relieve heartburn and indigestion and acts as a mild laxative. It can also be used for irritation, inflammation and spasm in the digestive tract. Through its beneficial action on the liver, it increases bile flow and lowers cholesterol levels.

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