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Chinese Red Tea Yunnan Dian Hong Red Tea Sydney Tea House Tea Shop Dragonwell Chinese Tea House Tea Shop Sydney Jin Jun Mei/ Golden Eye brow
Golden Tip Yun Nan Dian Hong云南滇红Jin Jun Mei Red Tea/ Golden Eyebrow 金骏眉

Other Name: Yunan Hong Gong Fu Tea Region: Yunan Province Harvest Season: April 2016 Cultivar:Yunan Da ye The Leaves of this tea bear an abundance of beautiful golden buds. The gentle twisted shapes of the tea leaves release suave aromas of blond...

A naturally sweet and fruity red tea. Jin Jun Mei is a fully oxidised red/black tea from the Wuyi Mountain, Fujian Province China. This tea is fairly new tea and its created around 90s, but it has since become very popular and was hugely sought...