Rose White Tea- 玫瑰白毫

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This is a unique hand -blend with freshly picked 2016 premium white tea( white fur silver needle) & 2016freshly picked and dyhydrated rose petal!

The rose petals Not only enriched this premium white tea with its unique delicate rose aroma, it also augment the health property of white tea with its rich Vitamin A,C, D, & E. 

More details about this white tea on this link: white fur silver needle from year 2014

Brew Instruction: Glass teapot or Gaiwan80 degree water 300ml + 5g leave. Steeping for 2-5m and the same leave can be brewed up to 6 infusions.


Health Benefits: High Antioxidants; High Vitamin A, C, D & E & Stree relive



Taste Note: Fresh, Delicate with hint of rose sweetness

Origin: Fuding, Fujian, China


Harest: April 2017


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