Snow Mountain Chrysanthemum Tea - Chinese Tea昆仑雪菊

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 This original Kunlun Snow Chrysanthemum grows in the northern foot of the Kunlun Mountain of an elevation of 3,000 meters high. 

This Kunlun Snow Chrysanthemum contains 18 kinds of amino acids and 15 kinds of traceelements which are beneficial to health, e.g. lowering high blood pressure, reducing high cholesterol level; lowering high sugar level and prevent coronary heart disease. Its also famous for protect eye sight for all ages.

This Chrysanthemum grows in high-altitude mountain, some even grows on the cliffs, so it is quiet difficult to pic. To keep the intact flower, it must bt picked in the early morning when the Sun is just rising, as the blooming period is short and the output is therefore very small.

This Chrysanthemum Tea has the aroma of wild Chrysanthemum, also the attracting colour of black tea, together with special lingering sweet.

Brewing Recommendation: 90 degree water, 5 flower for oner person, steep flower in water for 2m before drinking, 5 flower with 200ml water should make up to 5 infusions.

Origin: Keliyang, Xinjiang, China

Harvest Season: May 2016



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