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This very popular weight loss loose leaf tea contains: Pu er Black tea+ Rose & Jasmine petals.

There are 8 satchels in each box which is for 8 days consumption.

Pu er tea  is our premium pu er from year 2004, Its a common knowledge that pu er boost bowel movement and reduce cholesteral and lower blood pressure. 

Jasmine blossom cleans liver and boost digest and it's caffein free.

Rose Petals contain Vitamin A, C, D, and E and some B Vitamins; It contains high antioxidants, and its also an anti-depressant, and mood-enhancing agent.

This mix enhance the pleasant flavour of the tea as well as boost the digest effectiveness. 

How to brew it:

Use 80 degree water /500ml ( Temperature of water dont have to be accurate, simplly leave the boiled water out for couple min before use it might be the easiest way) ;Reinse the tea satchel within seconds and then refill water and steep it for 1-2m. Then pouring all the water out into your cups so the satchel is not soaking in the water in the pot. One satchel can be brewed up to 10 times within 24 hrs. If soaking the tea in water too long, it would get too strong, therefore, its better to just refill water whenever you want to drink the tea.

How to achieve the best weight-loss result: 

Make the tea in the morning and drink 2 cups (about 500ml capacity per cup) 1 hours after breakfast;

Keep the satchel in the pot after draining all the water out;

Refill water to the satchel and drink another 2 cups (about 500ml capacity per cup) 1 hour after dinner ( To drink tea at least 1 hour after food to give time for your body to digest the food and absorb the nutrition before the tea wash it all out)

( Drink this tea as much as possible during the day as each satchel can be brewed at least 10 times within a day ; keep doing it for 10 days  at least to achieve the best result)

This weight loss tea is not a medicine but all natural loose leaf tea and dehydrated flower. So it can only be effective if you keep up with a healthy diet and reasonable excercise. We suggest you get into this tea drinkin habbit if you want to reach a healthy weight for your life.



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