About Us

Ever since I started my tea journey by opening my first tea house in Sydney about 6 years ago, I have always been fascinated by the magical aroma as well as the healing power of leaves and flowers offered by our mother nature. As a Chinese, I always know that tea leave is not just a drink, it can also be effective to different kinds of health problem, eg. green tea like Dragon well prevent heart disease; white tea like silver needle cure stomach ulcer and black tea like Puer reduce cholesterol etc. But when we drink tea, most of the time we are attracted by its delighted aroma and mellow taste, after all, its not a medicine we are after, but a delicious drink . After years of drinking Chinese tea, I have started to think to look for something different from my beloved second home- Australia. Why not? Australia has a beautiful nature, fresh air, rich soil, clean water, surely there are some plants here are suitable for tea making. About two years ago, together with my tea partners, we started looking for the plants all around Australia for our tea blends. With two years of study and testing, we have been so overwhelmed to discover that there are many precious plants in Australia which has powerful healing property as well as pleasant drinking taste. So now we are very proud to offer you our 100% Australian grown and blended herbal tea – Golden Wattle - the blends of well- being and palate! Golden Wattle blends are made purely from organic or pesticide- free tea leaves and herbs from Australia. With heart and soul, with years of experience, our blended tea have reached a perfect balance of Yin &Yang, remedy & flavour. With Golden Wattle, you are surely starting a new tea journey with a big smile while you are sipping its purity and scarceness! Please enjoy it! 自从 6 年前我在悉尼开的第一家茶楼开始, 我就一直对于大自然所给予我们的这些有着神奇治愈功效且醇香甘甜的叶子,花草充满 了好奇和向往。对我们中国人来说, “茶叶三分药“这个常识大家都明白,比如龙井绿茶有防治心脏病的功效;银针白茶有治疗胃 溃疡的疗效;普洱黑茶有降血脂的功能等, 这些都是我们中国人喜欢喝茶的原因之一吧。但是, 真正吸引我们喝茶的应该还是茶 叶其特有的香气和回甘吧, 毕竟我要喝的不是中药, 在我们追求健康的同时我们还想要的是味觉的享受, 这就是现代的养生花茶 对传统中药的挑战吧! 经过多年对中国传统茶饮的痴迷, 我开始在想, 为什么不在澳大利亚——我的第二故乡寻找适合做茶饮的本土材料呢?为什么不 呢? 澳洲有新鲜的空气,肥沃的土壤和纯净的水资源, 这些得天独厚的自然环境一定能有独特的叶子和花草适合我们做茶的。 带着这种想法,两年前, 我和我的茶叶合伙人们在研究可饮用花草成分时发现澳洲的各种保健品都是以本土珍贵的花草药为主要成 分的 , 大量科学研究证明 , 许多花草成分对人体健康 , 预防疾病等起到很好的保健作用。以此为研制 起点 , 我们行走澳洲各地探寻 品质最佳的澳洲本土花草 , 并远赴中国探寻中医的奥义 , 在历经近两年的时间研发了 100% 澳洲生产和配置的以保健为目的 Golden Wattle (金百合花茶)系列。 我 们用纯澳洲生产的有机的或无农药的花草材料 , 每一款茶又都是由经验丰富的茶艺师精心配置 而成 , 结合中医阴和阳 , 使得口感温润和花茶的保健效果最佳结合。 我们一直在探寻味觉的艺术 , 我们始终相信最好的材料之间的有机组合能碰撞出最美味的停留 在唇齿之间的艺术。这些味道带给你 健康快乐 , 以及怀念 ! 我们邀请您和我们一起开启这段纯净而珍贵的养生花茶之旅 , 您在品饮 Golden Wattle 花茶时候的微笑是我们最大的欣慰和动力。 - Lisa song