Premium Taiwan Moderately- Roasted Dong Ding Oolong-冻顶乌龙

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Dong Ding Oolong Tea is an highly praised one of very few high premium oolong tea. Dong Ding is originally planted on Dongding Mountain, Dong Ding Village, Nantou County Taiwan. The tea is planted in the area at the altitude of 1000 meters, that’s why it also called high mountain Oolong tea. By moderately roasting this Dong Ding Oolong this type of tea leave is thick and yet very soft, after brewing, it produce very smooth and brisk tea liquid, meanwhile the strong floral fragrance make its taste extremely rich. That’s why high mountain Oolong tea is always more expensive than lower altitude mountain oolong tea due to its unique rich taste and aftertaste.


There are Low- roasted and Moderately-Roasted and Highly -Roasted Dong Ding Oolong . The difference is just the degree of the roasting process. This Moderately-Roasted Dong Ding taste more mellow and full taste yet not too strong and it has the special roasted sweet taste at the same time.

Recommend Brewing Guide:

90degree of 300ml water (boiled water and then cool down for a few min) for 5gm tea leave ; Rinse the first infusion within seconds and then refill water to brew the tea leave for 2-5 min. The same amount of tea leave can be reinfused up to 10 times.

Harvest time: Dec 2016

Origin: Taiwan


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